Sustainable Agriculture Reviews: Volume 15

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Mahajan, A. Vishwakarma, J. Bhardwaj and S. AtROS1 overexpression provides evidence for epigenetic regulation of genes encoding enzymes of flavonoid biosynthesis and antioxidant pathways during salt stress in transgenic tobacco. Guleria, P.

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Goswami, M. Mahajan, V. Kumar, J. Prasad Eds. Mahajan, J. Plant small RNAs: biogenesis, mode of action and their roles in abiotic stresses.

Research priorities for harnessing plant microbiomes in sustainable agriculture

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Submit a Manuscript. Guide to Authors. In: Red and Lateritic soils. J Indian Soc. Soil Sci.

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In: Sustainable Farming for Tropics. Sustainable Agriculture: Issues and Prospectives. Singh, KN.

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New Delhi, p. Mishra, A. Nutrition, R etal Oberoi, R.

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