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ITER Bibliography: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is a searchable Romantic poetry: an annotated anthology by Michael O'Neill and Charles Mahoney edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris, poetic visions from the twentieth century.

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Jackson Ph. Udo Klaus Lindner auth. Nebelung, E.

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Wiedemann auth. Wolfgang Nebelung, Priv. Ernst Wiedemann eds. Wolff, R. Helbig, Professor Dr.


Blauth eds. Author s.

Abhinavagupta's hermeneutics of the absolute Anuttaraprakriya : an interpretation of his Paratrisika Vivarana [1st ed. Printworld, Indian Institute of Advanced Study.

Abhinavagupta & Jaideva Singh - A Trident of Wisdom - Translation of Paratrisika Vivarana

Jaideva Singh , Paul Muller-Ortega. State University of New York Press.

دانلود کتاب متولد قلب یوگی: بازتاب طبیعت مراقبه و ریتال در PTLV Abhinavagupta

Abhinavagupta , a cura di Raniero Gnoli. Istituto italiano per il medio ed estremo oriente. Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Abhinavagupta ; translated with an introductory study by Arvind Sharma.

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I would like to thank Pt. Chakravarty for this discovery. He has supported Louise M. Finn in her translation of the Tantra into English in the eighties in Varanasi see fn. One should cast desire into the desires. Making it desirable with desire, the one who is abiding in desire may throw the universe into turmoil.

Introduced, translated and annotated by Louise M. Finn, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, , p. At the same time it refers to the contraction and expansion of the sexual organs in the sexual act cf. The At the same time we see from this passage the step which Abhinavagupta takes in evolution from the NSA.

II, p. Let me become like a drum, silent in myself, ever awaiting your divine touch. An instrument only of your will, ever ready to resonate with your song. Critical edition and annotated translation by Raffaele Torella, corrected edition, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, However, in his hymns, the atmosphere changes completely: here Utpaladeva talks poetically and ecstatically, as a bhakta, free from the controlled character of philosophical argumentation. Thus, much of his personality and spiritual experiences seems to be condensed within his hymns.

II, Fasc. The difference in the atmosphere of the two texts belonging to different genres should not mislead one to cleave too sharp a division between the philosopher and the mystic. These topics do not unfold out of argumentation, but rather arise almost playfully, like haikus. MW, p. But what does he mean by this expression? The encoded meaning of the expression lies under the obvious meaning of the bowing down to touch the feet of an elder, respected person with the fingers or even with the head , One can surmise that the background of her interpretation, which places the spiritual master in the centre, The Siddhayoga movement is traced back to Swami Muktananda.

Bailly is connected with this movement. A deity or the spirit of a dead person instantaneously occupies a person's consciousness, and violently and abruptly takes possession of them. The Secret of Self-recognition, trans. Jaideva Singh , Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 4th rev.

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Reprint, New Delhi: Bibliotheca Orientalia, English translation with notes and running exposition by Jaideva Singh. It is always a double sensation of the body, 27 a unique relationship which exists only in the case of touch, not in the case of any other sense. Arndt, Hamburg , p. This is the real way to dive.

Dyczkowski, Varanasi: Dilip Kumar Publishers, , p. Translated with Expositions and Notes by Mark S. Dyczkowski, Varanasi: Indica, , p.

Reflection on Meditation

The Yoga of Supreme Identity. Jaideva Singh, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, ; reprint , p. Dyczkowski, Doctrine of Vibration, op. Here we find the important observation for any spiritual way, that finding an authentic spiritual teacher is not the result of one's own efforts or intelligence, but rather the fruit of grace. MVT 2. Abhinavagupta quotes MVT 1. The references in the index of the edition of N. Rastogi and R. Dwivedi are not correct cf. VIII, p. MVT 1. Rudra, the god of storm, throws the lightnings; cf.

These specifications combine theological terms e. This might sound confusing. While in verse 5. It grows out of mud yet rises above it. YS II. K, pp.


MVT Each of these, in its sentient and insentient form, is wonderfully manifold. Liquor, extracted from the flowers of the kadamba tree cf. What happens in this process?

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