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ITER Bibliography: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is a searchable Romantic poetry: an annotated anthology by Michael O'Neill and Charles Mahoney edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris, poetic visions from the twentieth century.

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Sounds True - Dear Lover

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Save For Later. Create a List. Summary Your Call to Open to Love's Deepest Bliss Every woman knows the fairy tale—find the right man, give him what he wants and needs, and he'll love you forever.

Ask your close men friends if they feel you are simply losing steam, wimping out, or afraid to bring your project to completion. If they feel you are bailing out too soon, stick with it.

However, there is also the possibility that you have completed your karma in this area. It is possible that this was one layer of purpose, which you have now fulfilled, on the way to another layer of purpose, closer to your deepest purpose. Among the signs of fulfilling or completing a layer of purpose are these: 1. You suddenly have no interest whatsoever in a project or mission that, just previously, motivated you highly. You feel surprisingly free of any regrets whatsoever, for starting the project or for ending it.

Even though you may not have the slightest idea of what you are going to do next, you feel clear, unconfused, and, especially, unburdened.

Dear Lover : A Woman's Guide to Men, Sex, andLove's Deepest Bliss

You feel an increase in energy at the prospect of ceasing your involvement with the project. The project seems almost silly, like collecting shoelaces or wallpapering your house with gas station receipts. Sure, you could do it, but why would you want to?

If you experience these signs, it is probably time to stop working on this project. This might take some time, but it is important that this layer of your purpose ends cleanly and does not create any new karma, or obligation, that will burden you or others in the future. The next layer of your unfolding purpose may make itself clear immediately. More often, however, it does not. After completing one layer of purpose, you might not know what to do with your life.

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You know that the old project is over for you, but you are not sure of what is next. At this point, you must wait for a vision. There is no way to rush this process. You may need to get an intermediary job to hold you over until the next layer of purpose makes itself clear.

A Woman's Guide to Men, Sex, and Love's Deepest Bliss

Or, perhaps you have enough money to simply wait. But in any case, it is important to open yourself to a vision of what is next. You stay open to a vision of your deeper purpose by not filling your time with distractions. Simply wait.

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You may wish to go on a retreat in a remote area and be by yourself. Whatever it is you decide to do, consciously keep yourself open and available to receiving a vision of what is next. It will come. She knows where you will falter and give up. She knows the degree of mediocrity you will settle for. And, she knows your true capacity as a full man, a man of free consciousness and love.

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Her gift, if she is a good woman, is to test you with her darkest moods, over and over and over, until your consciousness is unperturbed by feminine challenge, and you are able to pervade her with your love, just as you are here to pervade the world. In response to your fearless consciousness, she will drench your world in love and light. Do you even know what this means? Have you devoted yourself to finding out the deepest truth of your own existence? If, in this very moment, your tasks are not supporting your life in this way, you must drop them or change them so that they do.


Otherwise, you are wasting your life. Written as a collection of letters from a man to his dear lover, here is this internationally acclaimed writer's invitation to practice love as a living art, as you discover how to pick the man of deep integrity who will satisfy the needs of your body, heart, and spirit. David Deida is immensely insightful.

At time it seemed that the words were written by my own hand. Simply amazing. The message I gained was a simple, but truly illuminating one.