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ITER Bibliography: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is a searchable Romantic poetry: an annotated anthology by Michael O'Neill and Charles Mahoney edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris, poetic visions from the twentieth century.

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Abstract Introduction: Eating disorders are increasingly becoming common among men and women across the world. Materials and Methods: Using a cross-sectional design we studied on female college students of North India.

Results: The mean age of the participants in the study was Conclusion: A significant percentage of young women in this study had a negative body image associated with higher BMI, lower self-esteem, high neuroticism, and high conscientiousness. Keywords: Body image dissatisfaction, personality traits, young women.

Aims of the study The aim was to study the prevalence of body image dissatisfaction among young Indian women and to analyze its relationship with self-esteem and personality traits. The following questionnaires were used to collect the data Sociodemographic pro forma that included details of age, weight, and height Body Shape Questionnaire-8C — The full version BSQ is a self-report questionnaire, originally comprising 34 questions measuring the extent of concerns about body shape. Table 1 Severity of body dissatisfaction based on Body Shape Questionnaire scores.

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Table 2 Descriptive statistics for Big Five personality domains. Table 3 Correlation between body image disturbances Body Shape Questionnaire-8C scores and psychobiological factors. Strengths and limitations One of the strengths of our study is that it is the first to explore the relationship between personality traits and self-esteem with body image dissatisfaction among young Indian women.

Financial support and sponsorship This is a self-funded study. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. Exploring the role of culture in sexual objectification: A seven nations study. Rev Int Psychol Soc. The rise of eating disorders in Asia: A review. J Eat Disord. Are eating disorders a significant clinical issue in urban India? A survey among psychiatrists in Bangalore. Int J Eat Disord. Stice E, Shaw HE. Role of body dissatisfaction in the onset and maintenance of eating pathology: A synthesis of research findings. J Psychosom Res. Grogan S.

Body image satisfaction among female college students. Ind Psychiatry J. Body image perception and attempts to change weight among female medical students at Mangalore.

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Urbanisation and the incidence of eating disorders. There is a very specific ratio that makes love last. On the other hand, unhappy couples tend to engage in fewer positive interactions to compensate for their escalating negativity. Examples of negative interactions include another predictor of divorce, The Four Horsemen , as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation.

How To Show Your Partner They're Loved, Based On Their Love Language

Negative interactions during conflict include being emotionally dismissive or critical, or becoming defensive. Body language such as eye-rolling can be a powerful negative interaction, and it is important to remember that negativity holds a great deal of emotional power, which is why it takes five positive interactions to overcome any one negative interaction.

And these negative interactions happen in healthy marriages, too, but they are quickly repaired and replaced with validation and empathy. Couples who flourish engage in conflict differently than those who eventually break up. Not only do the Masters of marriage start conflict more gently, but they also make repairs in both minor and major ways that highlight the positivity in their relationship.

Below is a list of interactions that stable couples regularly use to maintain positivity and closeness. Be Interested When your partner complains about something, do you listen? Are you curious about why he or she is so mad? Express Affection Do you hold hands with your partner, offer a romantic kiss, or embrace your partner when greeting them at the end of the day? Expressions of affection can happen in small ways both within and outside of conflict. Within conflict, displays of physical and verbal affection reduce stress.

Bringing up something that is important to your partner, even when you disagree, demonstrates that you are putting their interests on par with yours and shows your partner that you care about them. Those small gestures accumulate over time and will provide a buffer of positivity in your marriage so that when you do enter a conflict, it will be easier to engage in positive interactions that outweigh the negative. Intentional Appreciation How you think about your partner influences how you treat them.

Negativity is bound to enter your thoughts, especially during conflict. Intentionally focusing on the positive will counterbalance any of the moments when you struggle to find something good about your partner. Yesteryear actress, Nafisa Ali Sodhi, who is widely remembered for her films, recently shared that she has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Peritoneal and Ovarian Cancer.

Five Bodies: Re-Figuring Relationships

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