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Physical Chemistry Mortimer, R. Physical Chemistry of Surfaces. Experiments in physical chemistry. ISBN paper. The first edition appeared in and the second in What is different about the third? The mathematical content is substantially the same although some of the material has been reorganized so that the first three chapters will be useful to students taking general chemistry. The more advanced mathematics begins with differential calculus in Chapter 4. Similar sections are found in subsequent chapters.

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The third edition contains the same clear, careful exposition of the mathematics needed for undergraduate physical chemistry at just the right level as did previous editions. The reorganization means that a chemistry student will find this book a useful reference throughout the entire four-year curriculum and also in graduate school. His research involves theoretical studies of single-molecule spectroscopy at low temperatures, energy and electron transfer and relaxation in molecular aggregates, the optical and electronic properties of conjugated oligomers and polymers, and the transport of charge in organic systems.

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Evaluation Copy Request an Evaluation Copy. E-Book Rental Days. This is a dummy description. The basic theory of chemistry is presented from the viewpoint of academic physical chemists, but the many practical applications of physical chemistry are integrated throughout the text. The problems in the text also reflect a skillful blend of theory and practical applications. Student View Student Companion Site.

Mathematics for Physical Chemistry, Fourth Edition

About the Author Robert J. Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Equations of State.

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First Law of Thermodynamics. Second and Third Laws of Thermodynamics. Fundamental Equations of Thermodynamics. Chemical Equilibrium.

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Phase Equilibrium. Electrochemical Equilibrium. Thermodynamics of Biochemical Reactions. Quantum Theory. Atomic Structure. Molecular Electronic Structure. Rotational and Vibrational Spectroscopy. Electronic Spectroscopy of Molecules.