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ITER Bibliography: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is a searchable Romantic poetry: an annotated anthology by Michael O'Neill and Charles Mahoney edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris, poetic visions from the twentieth century.

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Mailings received from non-approved financial advisors or investment providers are never University generated. Fidelity Investments.

LifeStage Retirement Income - LifeStage | Wespath Benefits and Investments

The employer makes a matching contribution, and full vesting occurs after 10 years of participation in the program. Section b c of the Internal Revenue Code establishes the maximum allowable compensation and contributions to qualified retirement plans, and authorizes the IRS Commissioner to adjust these limits annually for cost-of-living increases. Contribution limits may change each fiscal year.

Contribution limits may change each calendar year. Both the Voluntary b Plan and the b Deferred Compensation Plan are offered through payroll deduction. Contributions for the Voluntary b Plan and the b Deferred Compensation Plan are deducted from supplemental compensation. Contributions to the Voluntary b Plan can be deducted on a pretax or after-tax basis [Roth b ].

You are encouraged to consult a tax advisor to determine which option is best for you. Both Fidelity Investments and TIAA offer webinars and e-learning opportunities on a variety of topics to all employees. For assistance or information about your investment choices, contact the representative for the investment provider of your choice:. Dates Contribution Changes Take Effect. Contact a representative for your chosen investment provider. Two active loans are permitted at one time one home loan and one general loan.

Voluntary b Plan Guide. Voluntary b Plan Document. First Amendment to the Voluntary b Plan Document. Second Amendment to the Voluntary b Plan Document.

PERS/SERS/TRS Plans 2 and 3: Thinking about retiring early?

This plan allows employees to defer earnings in a supplemental retirement account. Employees now have both traditional pre-tax and Roth post-tax options. Unlike other University retirement accounts, you may withdraw funds upon separation from service without penalty, regardless of your age. The contributions invested are directed by the plan administrator, not individual participants.

The benefit is a pension based on a formula of credited years of service, times a multiplier factor, times average monthly salary. SBSRP benefits are funded by the community and technical college system; no employee contributions are required.

The SBSRP calculation is complex and will be performed once for each qualifying retiree, and only at the effective date of retirement. This calculation requires the assistance of a professional actuary, and is based on both historical rates of return and the interest and mortality rates in effect at the time the participant retires. As a result, the State Board will not provide projected calculations. Once calculated, using the actual date of retirement, there are no future re-calculations. However, your actual SBRP contribution history is an important factor in the calculation.

See Service Factor section below. The benefit calculation, described below, compares the results of two hypothetical retirement incomes: "Goal Income" and "Assumed Retirement Income. Payments, if any, would be retroactive to your date of retirement.

The 3 Buckets Strategy of Retirement Planning

Both the Goal Income and the Assumed Retirement Income are calculated as required by law, and described below. Eligible Years of Participation includes all continuous years of participation in the SBRP up to a maximum of 25 years.

What Is a Safe Withdrawal Rate in Retirement?

If you were on an approved leave of absence s without pay, you can recover up to two years of service if:. Service Factor as used in the calculation is 2 percent, unless at age 50 you elected to not increase your SBRP retirement plan contribution to the 10 percent rate.

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Prior to , the contribution increase to 10 percent was an option. The service credit factor is reduced to 1.

State Board Supplemental Retirement Plan

This assumed allocation split is required by state law. Professional actuaries not State Board employees perform this calculation.

As noted, the Assumed Retirement Income is a theoretical amount that is likely to be different from actual SPRP retirement income, due to investment and payout choices made by participants. If applicable, DRS retirement plan income will be an offset from the calculated assumed income.

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The payment is reduced by 0. A sample calculation sheet is available for you to review.

Social Security Factors

These survivor options are listed in order of the highest to lowest initial payment amount. That is, each option listed below Single Life is reduced from the option listed above it. The survivor options require that the designated beneficiary be the retiree's surviving spouse; or with the written consent of the spouse or if no spouse such other person who has an insurable interest in the retiree's life.